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Sunday, 20 June 2010

19 June

Arrive Shanghai and get to Marriott hotel serviced apartment which is home
to my hosts Sharon (my camden landlady) and Roland her husband. Suddenly I
have moved from shared dorm to own bedroom on 34th floor luxury apartment. Its
cheating a bit but worth it for the long shower and ability to wash clothes.
Unknown to me Sharon is now 6 months pregnant and this is her last month in
Shanghai before moving to Hong Kong where she will have the baby. During
the day we sample the best dumplings in town, see the Bund, visit the tree
lined French concession area and have Linzertorte in a Viennese cafe(Roland
is Austrian).
In the evening they generously take me and 4 other friends to one of the
best restaurants serving Shanghai food. It was delicious. This was followed
by a group foot massage session ......another first.... before falling into
a deep and satisfied slumber at 1a.m.
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